Anti-discrimination policies and policies promoting legality

The “TOURIZAN” platform is freely accessible with the terms and conditions regulating the services and offers.

All content that promotes discrimination, intolerance, racism, hatred, harassment or harm against any individual or group is prohibited, and we require all users to comply with local laws and regulations. All content that is contrary to good morals and public order are prohibited. The Artizans and Tourists undertake, acting under their own personal responsibility, not to publish content of any type whatsoever that may constitute an offence or make it easy to commit an offence.

Discrimination based on race, religion, origin, disability, gender, sexual orientation or age is prohibited on the “TOURIZAN” platform and the publication of material, offers or, in any case, content not complying with this policy will be prevented.

Should the Artizans or Tourist publish content that is in breach of this policy, his/her account may be immediately terminated, at the sole discretion of the “TOURIZAN” platform.